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"German duo Arigto creates deeply intimate and referential music that resonates with the listener in an almost transformative way. Although they grew up together and greatly influenced each other's tastes, Arigto has been releasing music for only two years. There's already an unusual certainty in Arigto's work ever since their first release, a flexible sense of direction typical for developed artists. Their 'autodidactic experimental electronic journey' has indeed started from a young age and with a classical education, traces of which are evident in their gracefully unfolding sonic narrative. Combining classical music, unruly distorted elements, and a DIY touch, their sound is mainly influenced by photography, paintings, and movies. It's a synesthetic exploration of duality, infused with uncharacteristic gentleness as if every concept is breakable. The same elegance defines the abstract obscurity of their covers and videos. They released three EPs so far and an incredible full-length unseen untold forgotten that came out on Noisia's Division label." - Dijana Grubor from SecretThirteen 311

Music Releases

Pretense (2021)

Second full-length album. Recorded piano, cello, violin, and vocals are combined with sonic recreations of familiar acoustic instruments and voices created through various digital techniques.

Visuals by ARIGTO.

Persona (2021)

Inspired by Persona from Ingmar Bergman. With additonal reworks by Christine Ott and Tilman Robinson.

Visuals by ARIGTO.

Prancing on the Edge of the Abyss (2020)

Collaborative EP with Nicolas Sávva and remixes by Daniel Thorne, Siavash Amini and Bios Contrast.

Visuals by ARIGTO.

unseen, untold, forgotten (2020)

First album featuring London-based composer, sound artist and experimental vocalist Yifeat Ziv, as well as Tel Aviv-based composer, singer and songwriter Rotem Sherman.

Blind Immaterialist (2019)

Debut EP released on Division Recordings.



Original score for "Island of the dolls", a short film by Julio César Padilla.

‘The Island of the Dolls’ won the Best Drama award after making its official World Premiere at the 25th LA Shorts International Film Festival qualifying Oscars, BAFTA, and Canadian Screen Awards. It premiered on July 11th 2021.

Usage of "She folds her hands and hopes that her beloved shadows don't devour her again" from unseen untold forgotten [2020], for a video of a fashion shooting in Barcelona featured in InStyle Magazine.


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